Threaded destinies…

It’s a curious thing, this life. So many chance meetings and threaded destinies as a sophisticated tapestry of interdependent artefacts, entities and systems – all seeking self-expression and sustainable continuity while at same time and for the most part deeply, profoundly and reflexively afraid or wilfully unreceptive to the fact that none of us are separate or isolated in any ultimate sense of this concept, that the individuation and self-validation we all seek is only ever plausibly and partially attainable as a functional derivative of the implicit, visceral and intimate extent to which everything we perceive as being in some sense within us is always and already from beyond us and that all self-identity is always and already borrowed from a world which asserts (an unprovable) continuity of its self by self-enclosed atoms of individuality that are as ultimately fictional and transient as is the concept of that world itself.

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