On Darkness, Guilt and Conflict

The extent to which psychoanalysis is a successful or compelling theory is really a very interesting question in and of itself, even before considering its subject matter. This same dark thread was identified by Nietzsche as being a symptom of more distributed belief-system neuroses. Regardless of where, when or how anyone asserts the causal factors for this discontinuous trace, it really does seem to be a psychological experience of what are quite plausibly core logical and material factors of complex information processing systems. That is, the cultural encoding or psychological encrypting of negativity and doubt or uncertainty is itself a microcosm of a general tendency within dynamical systems to reproduce structural symmetries of difference and abstract (information-related) distance. These discontinuous symmetries represent the optimal means and methods by and through which gestalt system self-propagation occurs. These properties or characteristics of complex systems invoke a threshold of dissonant entropy that instils momentum and stochastic dynamism to cognitive, cultural and communications systems. This is why conflict amplifies technical and technological creativity – because conflict is the optimal transmission medium.

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