3D Sport: Spatial Systems Mirror Cognition

Context: Unity unveils Metacast real-time 3D platform for sports broadcasts

What fascinates me about this is that it illustrates precisely how the essence of technology is the expansion of the interior, internal and logical spaces we (quite literally and subjectively as much as cognitively) inhabit. A little like people first entering the TARDIS on Doctor Who “it’s bigger on the inside”, observe that an additive material complexity of increasing technical sophistication is simultaneously offset by the amplifying abstract dimensionality of description, measurement and associated facilitation of comprehension.

It is also worth noting that even as the technological hyper-inflation of the interior “dimensionality” of (in this case – sporting entertainment) experience occurs, we also find the vectors and arcs of knowledge and surveillance simultaneously generate normative, if amplified, perspectives and perceptual grammars.

Notwithstanding that these technical developments occur at precisely the same time that paranoia and insecurity gravitate around optical technologies of surveillance and facial recognition, a useful interpretation of all this swelling complexity is that the freedoms of knowledge always and necessarily arrive with an implied shape or topology of control.

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