Is Technology Slowing Down?

It’s all relative.

Context: Peter Thiel says, forget the hype: Big Tech is slowing down

It may be a necessary property of non-trivially sophisticated dynamical systems to oscillate through periods of acceleration and deceleration. Rising complexity in this context is equivalent to acceleration, logically as much as materially; we may quite sensibly speak of self-gravitation in this context. Deceleration is rendered as the radiation of an autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing (i.e. computational) compression wave through a high dimensional field – energy loss resembles encryption or encoding into artefacts, entities, systems.

Cambrian Explosion-like speciation (in technology as much as anywhere else) occurs at inflection/system-bifurcation points in which an environmental context obtains sufficient degrees of material or logical freedom to support (recursive) global autocatalysis. Periods of rapid development occur simultaneously to those of stagnation but because this (particular) dynamical symmetry is scale independent, it is difficult to identify or leverage. An accelerating frame of reference contains multiple decelerating ones.

It is the teleological limits (as foundational semantic assumptions) of the hyper-extended cognition of technology as language that render this unintelligible.

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