Technological Civilisation

Big badda-boom.

Context: 94% of the universe’s galaxies are permanently beyond our reach

The scale of the cosmos is astonishing. Some estimates infer 2 trillion galaxies and some variations of cosmological hyper-inflation (i.e. early expansion) require an infinite Universe. What is most astonishing of all, though and to anyone who stares into this abyss for longer than a few cursory moments of science fiction mythology, is that the logical depth of the Universe may be far more immense than its material complexity.

The point? Physics may be indefinitely-extensible and in which case concepts like the distances and durations (of an immensity measured at the very least in tens of billions of light years) may be reduced to complicated yet tractable engineering problems for a sufficiently sophisticated technological civilisation. We certainly must not think in terms of hollow fantasy and insignificant or selfish wish-fulfilment and conquest but the fact remains that we are a technological civilisation in our early infancy and there is so very much more yet to come.

Think big.

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