Is colour a purely subjective experience?

To what extent might we ever comprehensively or justifiably speak of an external or “objective” reality?

Internal experience is intimately interdependent with an “external” world, assertions of certainty regarding subjective ownership of an experience of colour remain somewhat unreliable. Experience exists, but as an inductive inevitability the doubt regarding objective reality is mirrored in that regarding subjective experience. There is a false dichotomy here, much as once existed between space and time and that, similarly, in resolution requires total reconceptualisation of core axioms.

The perception of color is a kind of forced choice, a poll with only one option. Neurophysiological processing as biological computation abbreviates possibility – a colour may be one or many wavelengths combined, perception removes uncertainty at a cost of losing information. This is the essence of visual experience: we are the transmission medium for electromagnetic radiation that as self-propagating information obtains no closure in or as our experience. We are not the owners as teleological endpoints, we are the waypoints.

These are games of language. Colour is neither subjective or objective because experience is not what we think it is.

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