Therapeutic Psychedelics

Context: Psychedelic Therapy Is Poised To Create A Revolution In Mental Health, Can VR Accelerate It?

It is worth noting, also, that in traditional cultural – often shamanic – contexts these chemicals were used in reference frame of religious or spiritual engagement that positively shaped the perceptions and experiences of those who took them. Beyond the dialectics of recreational use and the arguments for and against it, this composite technological application to rewiring minds is likely to be as powerful as it ultimately turns out to be precisely because it is engaged in the positive shaping of experiences while providing the chemical entropy apposite to literally rewiring them. If we consider the brain as being less a purely constructive process and something much more subtle as reductive process of pruning a maximally-connected network configuration state, we might interpret the use of Virtual Reality in this context as one of constructively shaping the chemically-induced connectome reconnection that psychedelics invoke.

Information mediation.

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