Political Dissonance in Social Media

Long before media and/or technology companies inadvertently harvested this endemic bias towards dissociative subjectivity construction by way of social media confessional as functional neuroses, it has been a core feature of organisational systems and – before them – as the breaking symmetries and phase transitions of emergent novelty as difference or entropy in complex dynamical systems in nature. This is to say – the percolation of partisan dissonance occurs with accelerating frequency (and amplitude) precisely because it both is and cultivates the optimal transmission medium for its own effective and efficient self-propagation through human beings, as human beings.

Political systems are endemically-oriented towards conflict. The ironic observation that remains to be acknowledged in this context is that the vigorous self-determination that is demonstrated by so many and with such tribal verve is actually the optimal transmission medium for an almost entirely autonomous, self-propagating pattern of artefacts, entities and systems for which human beings are the transmission medium. It is a measure of the success of this process that its blindly-recursive kernel remains almost entirely opaque to those who inhabit it.

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