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Metaverse: The Digital Egg

Context: Metaverse: Augmented reality pioneer warns it could be far worse than social media

It has been said that a chicken is an egg’s way of making another egg. The extent to which the idioms of technologically-mediated subjectivity we inhabit are the primary methods of information system self-propagation remain as generally opaque to us as does a chicken’s reciprocal obligation and subordination to its genetic predestination as both carrier and transmission medium for a code that neither knows or cares that it exists.

There is a blindspot here. It is a measure of this integrated information and communication technology’s success that we remain blissfully unaware of the degree to which we embody the phylogenetic body for its rapidly-evolving logical codes.

Notice, also, that the primary function of this technology has been (as though by stealth) the invocation of more technological solutions, algorithms, functions and behaviours that procedurally, iteratively generate the self-validating normativity of their subjective and commercial necessity.

The most successful prison is one that masquerades as a generative freedom of subjective self-expression. That is the tesseract we inhabit and, again, the unacknowledged enigma remains that we are (all) quite poorly-equipped to perceive just how deeply this also inhabits us.

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