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The Strategic Void of Technological Juggernauts

Context: Quantum computers are on the path to solving bigger problems for BMW, LG and others

I am curious as to the strategy and/or lack of one here. Quantum Computing finds itself well-placed to negotiate a range of mathematically intricate issues that have commercial applications. Just as with the explosively radiative speciation of AI, the commercial follows the technical in ways that recursively reinforce asserted significance, utility and value to a limited sub-set of possible discovery.

Does such a sparse teleological network do justice to the possibilities of a(ny) technology by narrowing the developmental probabilities to that limited sub-set that reproduce and self-validate the commercial (and related, adversarial) contexts and conceptual vocabularies which both incentivise and reward them?

I am not railing against the tide, just suggesting that we might find ourselves in the longer-term (i.e. in terms of planetary-civilisation-level considerations) lashed to the mast of a technological juggernaut for which other, valid, developmental paths have been rendered redundant as unintelligible.

Hanging off the back of this accelerating speedboat will be quite the ride but Amara’s Law applies, with some vigour, where we opportunistically make decisions without a longer strategy beyond the recursive reproduction of commercial value.

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