Social Media and the Need to Feel Loved

You want to be loved for how you look but you need to be loved for who you are. The truth is, only one of these things matters and only you can work this out for yourself and this is not about simply hearing or reading these words, it is about listening, understanding and carefully considering what this all actually means. It is not difficult, but it can sometimes be hard to accept.

Once you know this, feel this and live this truth you will also come to understand that even in a world of manifest superficiality and transient, commercial and objectified image or experience of Other and Self that there are still powerful connections and meaningful friendships that live far beyond the hollow transactional relationships and haunted psychological power games we all so easily and foolishly accept as normal parts of life. Your real friends value you for who you are, not for what you are, where you have been, or how you look.

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