Transcending Conflict

Why does conflict still happen? Beyond the futile narcissism of authoritarian states eager to mask the logical fallacy of equating ideology with the existential fact that their long-suffering peoples represent, far outside the orbits of perennial psychological insecurities of a human animal that finds itself swept away upon a tide of sociotechnical complexity and interpersonal anxiety that it can neither fully control or understand, and substantially beyond either the language with which we frame it or the limited (and limiting) minds with which we seek to comprehend it, there exists a simple dynamical fact that is not particularly difficult to understand but that requires a subtle shift in perception that few of us are avidly willing to engage. That is, the difference and dissonant inter-tribal and culturally disruptive distance of competition, conflict and – ultimately – war is a primary transmission medium for the self-propagating information-encoding and energy-processing fact that subjectivity and hyper-extended cognition of technology represents.

We argue quite simply because it defines us and people, as much as nations, are utterly immature in their retrospective historical self-determination in ways that endlessly and recursively bind us and entrap us within cycles of tesseract-like adversarialism and war. In this sense, a Putin or a Xi beating the drums of war may believe that they are historically significant and choose their paths quite freely as a measure and mirror of their intellect or ideological systems of belief but the truth is that they are actually and unwittingly exploited by the complex dynamical systems of mind and material consequence that we all inhabit. In fact, these effervescing, turbulent systems inhabit us much more than we live in them and any sophisticated analysis which can see this gestalt systems property of autonomous self-propagation in and as difference and conflict is already at least half way to a better world.

It is not stupidity which leads us back into endless wars anywhere near so much as it is the intractable consequence of rank psychological and cultural immaturity.

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