Climate Emergency

The concept of cascading complexity in matters of Global Existential Threat is quite substantially and far beyond any contemporary regulatory aptitude or ideology and party-agnostic political will to engage it with requisite urgency and at required scale.

It is simultaneously not at all political and yet suffers from an endless adversarial bickering as the articulation of a partisan difference that is implicitly and endemically of symbolic systems of belief, not of the material, dynamical and logical facts upon which they intimately and viscerally depend to pursue sustainable tenure of technological civilisation on this planet.

There’s the rub – we elevate our most subjective heuristics and mnemonics of subjectivity construction and self-determination to a position of salient necessity and reflexive reality-framing when these are, in fact and quite intractably, systems of belief that are only ever epistemologically and metaphysically anchored upon themselves.

There is a Great Filter approaching on the horizon and the terrible irony is that the environmental systems from which civilisation has emerged remain orders of magnitude too sophisticated for those collective minds that inhabit them to unambiguously understand and effectively engage.

Context: Extreme heat in oceans ‘passed point of no return’ in 2014

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