The Twilight Zone of Logical Incompleteness

Reference: Kurt Gödel

The beauty of this area of logic is that we find ourselves quite inadvertently inhabiting (as much as being inhabited by) a profoundly mercurial and indefinitely extensible as autonomously self-propagating soliton-like system of explanation, definition and knowledge. The resonant antinomy encoded in a system which can both be and not be bounded or known (in, through or as a model and reference frame of cybernetic control) is the ontological sweet-spot of a Global (i.e. “holistic”) Systems Theory.

Notice also that it is not only the most profound philosophical questions of cosmological inception, life, sentience, intelligence that remain foundationally unanswerable (and all the more interesting because of it), but it is the kernel uncertainty, undecidability and incompleteness of open-ended techno-logical metamorphosis into progressive abstraction that compels and hyper-inflates the proliferating complexity and effervescing entropy of our contemporary world.

What we should never do is to assume that these rarefied abstractions of logic are peculiarities and anomalies somewhere “out there” and isolated from us and our technologies. In a very real way, this discontinuous entanglement of logical self-containment is the kernel fact.

Context: What did Kurt Gödel discover?

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