Supply Chain Stealth

An industrial-scale project is information and energy intensive. That information and energy-processing has a footprint as multidimensional (i.e. complex) signal in the background noise of an economy and all associated sociotechnical artefacts, entities, systems. The relative autonomy and partial logical closure of any manufactured system is a function of referential dependency.

The continuity of a vortex as autonomous entity in a turbulent flow, similarly, is a function of its adaptive (if, beyond natural biases in physics, entirely unscripted) capacity to offset internal entropy-as-disorder to its environment. The Janus-like flip-side of this is that stochastic variability and novelty in that environment is the entropy-as-generative-discontinuity that inflates the sustainable continuity of the system at all stages of its life cycle.

This is a bidirectional communications bridge in which artefact, entity, system all represent a transmission medium for complexity, regardless the inevitability of loss and noise over the gestalt. Beyond rhetorical hyperbole, this is more than philosophical navel-gazing because an engineer or a strategic planner with sharp insight should interpret this as the kernel shadow of supply chain stealth.

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