Supply Chain Stealth

An industrial-scale project is information and energy intensive. That information and energy-processing has a footprint as multidimensional (i.e. complex) signal in the background noise of an economy and all associated sociotechnical artefacts, entities, systems. The relative autonomy and partial logical closure of any manufactured system is a function of referential dependency. The continuity of a […]


Ignorance is Bliss

If it is true that ignorance is bliss, I am surprised that there are not many more blissfully happy people in this world. Ignorance, of course, has quite little to do at all with acquired knowledge or education and is more often a direct measure of a person (or group) being unable to accommodate the […]

Alien Anthropology

Human Intelligence 2.0

A characteristically long and wordy waffle on the topic of human intelligence, the cognitive hyper-extension of technology, an iterative fracture of grand narrative into abbreviated artefacts, unconscious biases and a Global turn towards authoritarianism.

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On Stupid Ideas and Clever Solutions

Countering stupid ideas proves to be a matter of some subtlety and intelligence…