Supply Chain Stealth

An industrial-scale project is information and energy intensive. That information and energy-processing has a footprint as multidimensional (i.e. complex) signal in the background noise of an economy and all associated sociotechnical artefacts, entities, systems. The relative autonomy and partial logical closure of any manufactured system is a function of referential dependency. The continuity of a […]


The Temptation of Anonymity

The temptation of anonymity (in an age of relentlessly depersonalising self-expression) is to not commit a record of one’s own living trajectory into the biosphere and information networks of our era. It is of course a fallacy and rank impossibility – there is no identity camouflage or stealth technology. Self-identity was always a matter of […]


Stealthy Hackers

Cybersecurity is an iterative, recombinatory and open-ended logical process.