Blockchain as Void

Context: Blockchain Guy Struggles to Explain a Single Practical Use for Web3

Interesting, yet, in that this self-referentiality and non-existence are quite common across linguistic and symbolic or logical systems of reference when viewed from (i.e. inhabited as) gestalt bundles of artefacts, entities and systems such as those we reflexively posit our own existence and significance through.

The places where language and aspirations to meaning enter back into themselves (much as with the paradoxical self-enclosure of Turing’s virtual machines in the Halting Problem) is where they encounter a core and kernel generative discontinuity that all of this effervescing complexity and hyper-inflating technological growth can not, like ever, articulate as self-contained closure. Ergo – they can’t explain it because language (in and as technology) eventually reaches a point where it encounters its own haunted, hollow and yet endlessly generative core. Not even vast quantities of VC can do much more than invoke a misdirection away from a resonant doubt that always returns, Mary Celeste-like, in this way.

It’s just that when put on the spot they spout platitudes that fail to connect to coordinate systems of reference and meaning that the very existence and complexity of these technologies begins, perhaps, to question.

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