UFO Technology Defies Known Physics

Our fundamental theories of physics are only one experimentally validated “local minima” in a much vaster logical as mathematical and material cartography of possibility. If there is something fundamental that we are not understanding here, it represents a salient moment to ponder which of our axioms are incomplete, misinformed or obsolete. That is the point at which scientific curiosity, entering (as constructive interference) back into itself, encounters psychological inertia and cultural incredulity.

The cultural mythology and psychological wish-fulfilment of any belief system rests as tautology upon those assumptions that it expects to confirm, upon the discovery of precisely the reflexive certainties it builds itself around as causal orbit, and that it then serially (and often inadvertently) replicates. When encountering the unexpected or unintelligible, the cognitive reflex is to apply compression on information by asserting meaning from existing shared vocabularies.

The thing about logic, mathematics and physics (or science in general and as a way of knowing) that seems to be lost on many is that, as Nietzsche opined in a not entirely dissimilar context, this abyss also gazes back into us. We are its transmission medium.

Context: The Science of UFOs – Michio Kaku explains

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