Alien Anthropology

Totalitarian Psychosis, Revisited

Context: ‘The Russians have started coming’: Finland considers tourist visa ban

The curious thing about the autocratic regime reacting negatively to other nations taking rational actions against them (and their war) is that for all their sabre rattling and vigorous external finger-pointing, the difference and opposition they are creating is precisely the dissonance and turbulent international insecurity they require to maintain political tenure. That is, as profoundly insecure and unsustainably inadequate as their ideological affectations remain, it is the insecurity and inadequacy that they themselves create that is their central point of dependency as anchor of narrative self-validation.

The evidence is transparently as of a manifest pathological dependence upon the insecurity they assert themselves as standing against. This is to say – their aspirational strength is also their foundational weakness. This is a self-reinforcing feedback loop with non-linear characteristics – it is generated and managed as though linear but proves itself to be much less pliable to Machiavellian control.

Much has undoubtedly already been written about the ensembled psychoses of totalitarian ideology but observing one in real time is still quite unsettling. The nature of such a systems dynamic is to both seek and avoid the object around which it orbits.

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