Paradise Lost, Found and Unbounded

Something that really annoys me is that academia, but not only academia, requests of us the simplest possible assertions and explanations as atoms of maximal communication but seems to fail to understand that this is not at all how the world actually exists. The aspirationally reductive simplicities of a lowest common denominator of communicative social and cultural binding is in fact the optimally as algorithmically concise transmission medium for the leviathan of institutional knowledge itself. Certainly, communication can be concise and is often quite effective when rendered so but this represents a false vacuum and local minima of low-hanging explicability that fundamentally fails to reflect the actual complexity of ourselves and the world. We should not be training what might be our best and brightest minds to barter in rank simplicities, we should be challenging them to invent new languages and methods of communication. Only then might we begin to unproblematically comprehend that knowledge and the language through which we engage it, like logic and its corollary in the hyper-extended cognition of indefinitely-extensible technological metamorphosis, is foundationally creative and unbounded, just as is nature and life itself.

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