The Vanishing

More reflections on cosmological conundrums, today. It occurs to me that whatever the Universe (or really – our descriptions of it) is, it is actually trying to vanish.

The natural bias and orientation towards entropic disassembly and diffusion is that through this system in gestalt aspires to reach the lowest energy state.

The mischievous irony and inescapable enigma that this Univetse finds itself in is that in drifting through entropy into higher orders of complexity, it actually is negating itself.

This is because higher-dimensions are, in essence,a negation upon the lower and while we are bound by 3 space and 1 of time, we have known for a long time now that they are interchangeable metrics as being basically aspects of and perspectives upon the same thing.

The indefinite extensibility of logic, mathematics, physics, life, intelligence, technology and language is all a function of this extra-dimensional self-negation.

Self-abstraction is a little like a knife that cuts itself, locked in dependency upon the impossibility of achieving closure while forever and hyper-inflating the ways in which it is attempted.

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