Alien Anthropology

Time and Tide: A War-Weary Sadness

Armageddon is in the news just now – how strange to have a word which invokes the end of all meanings, a system of belief that renders all belief as void and an Imperialist state that unwittingly seeks to atomise all kingdoms, all kings. The gullibility of people never ceases to amaze me and yet those who lead these listless sheep are just as fooled as those they seek to deceive.

I spend much of my time untangling dependencies, interpreting complexities and invoking symmetries and symbols to render knowledge in, through and as whichever transient contextual meanings might percolate to awareness at any particular moment. The bundles of oscillating symbols and proxy computational experiences we all inhabit seem much to me like so many dice rolls and lucky facts, stochastic and hollow. They possess no other necessity (or meaning) than that finding this particular constellation of artefacts and entities, being possible and having come to exist, we almost naturally, intuitively and by reflex assume that the world must always have been in some inexorable way heading towards this state of affairs. It is a function of our existential horizons of self-interest that we come to see it this way but once having stepped across this event horizon, like death, we never return. Is belief really just a little death, the terrible seduction of an empty lie?

I can not see how else the mad king of Russia could believe that those diminutive little linguistic patterns and systems of belief he haunts (and that haunts us all through him) were anything other than completely random as emergent properties that only superficially resemble a mirror upon which he hangs his withered guilt like a lizard’s sloughed, leathery skin. I feel that we are all trapped by the serial illusions and performative as theatrical delusion of lunatics and when we every now and then manage to gaze through all this dark and brutal confusion to the pure meaningless – yet reflective – bliss that lies beyond, it only ever seems to strengthen the false narratives. Any fool can start a war, of course, but to cultivate the possibility of a sustainable peace – that takes true greatness.

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