All the Simple Things

What is known (or is believed to be known) varies, adapts and undergoes the relentless metamorphosis of entangled streams of intersubjective abstraction we experience as cultural (and now, explicitly, technological) reality, but amongst all this effervescing percolation and uncertain intentions of identity and difference there remains a constant.

The song, that is, remains the same and as a function of its endlessly generative platforms and transmission media can be expected as a function of non-volitional as agency-free persistence to drift in this way into patterned symmetries of self-sustaining dynamical information and energy flows.

The contemporary prevalence of gossip, social media and the paparazzi-inflected absurdities of low-hanging simplicity and dissimulated knowledge (or reality!) are themselves much less a property or demonstration of subjective gestures and self-determination, much more the superficial symptoms of a very simple logic.

What maximally replicates are the optimal means and methods of system self-replication.

It is precisely the (re)combinatorial depth and confluent complexity of the simplest building blocks of communication that holds the (self-)gravitational center here.

Simple things fly further.

Context: Truth and Tales: Cultural Mobility and Medieval Media

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