Unexpected Words

I am quite interested in the ways in which a normative gamification of language (in wordle, crosswords, quizzes, tests and other educational, institutional, political or ideological taxonomies) reflects and reinforces the essentially probabilistic information signal that inflects all linguistic statements, descriptions and assertions of fact with significance.

The words, concepts and downstream grammatical or cultural systems of belief that maximally self-propagate in any particular context are those which both generatively and destructively recombine in the most ways with their environmental context (of other words, concepts and systems of belief).

It matters because the systems of language and communication we inhabit possess an apparent necessity and psychologically reflexive inevitability which is much less a function of semantics, truth or intended meaning and more so of probability.

In this sense – the linguistically-mediated systems of communication we occupy are self-gravitational constellations of word probability that acquire significance as a function of retrospect, not intention.


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