Automated Technological Malevolence

Context: Cybercrooks are telling ChatGPT to create malicious code

Exponentiation… it’s a language game, all of it.

The hyper-inflating state space of all combinatorial possibility has a tendency to drift, through entropy, into precisely those transient structural constellations that maximally reproduce:

• not only the elements and instances or references, idioms, sentences, logical fragments and codes – as the methods by which the gestalt maximally self-propagates.

• as the reproduction of threat, risk, vulnerability, complex/simple incentives, value and (a psychological/ontological primitive of) criminal tribalism.

It is a gravitational well, a local minima, in a dancing cartography of possibility.

The gestalt of binary distinctions, definitions, variously tautological artefacts, entities and systems of communication is optimally propelled forward in evolutionary terms by the incessant percolation of dissonance and uncertainty.

Each seismic shift in technological (here – linguistic) automation, amplification, acceleration brings as much bad as good.

If it was solely constructive, it would become brittle and falter in gestalt when subject to non-trivial environmental selection pressures.

The worst of us inflect the best of us with purpose and meaning, and vice versa.

Also – in war.

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