Generative AI, Language and Communication

Context: Generative Language Models and Social Progress: Concepts And Considerations

What fascinates me most about all of these generative technologies is that, while we quite naturally focus on the technologies and their consequences, we often fail to acknowledge that they are, as much as anything else, an exponentiated acceleration of the production of a kind of symbolic communication (as language) that is endemically oriented towards the recursive production of itself.

Language, that is, already being in many respects a complex system that drifts through entropy and (other) probabilistic mechanisms of communication into median values and most-commonly replicated words, idioms and topics, has refined new vectors of transmission.

It is possible to causally invert the verbose effervescence of generative technologies. If you were to ask a question as to what are the most effective ways of maximally reproducing symbolic communication and language, you would find that these technologies are at least one possible, perhaps most probable, answer.

The point being that, while we are almost completely oblivious to what is actually going on in the exceptionally complex feedback loops and harmonic (systemic) resonance that underlies all of this technological metamorphosis, the bias is towards communication system self-replication.

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