Embracing Difference

There are some failing metaphysical assumptions and troubled subjectivities in the notionally “Western” position and its attendant parochialisms.

A drift through deterministic materialism and downstream mechanical (or algorithmic) thinking into untenable philosophical positions also seems somewhat inevitable, if perhaps not entirely irremediable.

I am constantly fascinated (and yet to be quite honest also simultaneously horrified) by the many ways that this interior surface and tesseract of linguistically-mediated reality (or Self) is quite prone to such catastrophic monocultural parochialisms. Where we identify it between cultural frames of reference, I imagine that we might also quite readily identify it wearing different masks and under other names quite ubiquitously in human social and cultural systems.

I am of a post-Enlightenment European heritage, with its own acquired (as Sellar’s ‘manifest’) image of reality, yet have struggled to incorporate, accommodate, acknowledge and inhabit exogenous cultural and philosophical perspectives my whole life.

If I characterise a philosophical, cultural or otherwise human experience as being ‘different’ from my own, do I necessarily generate inadvertent parochialism? I also wonder if this endemic Othering is always and already in some way to alienate myself from myself.

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