Conceptual Creativity and Large Language Models

The waffling, meandering text more closely associated with stream of consciousness and creative thinking has been slowly bludgeoned into a relatively colourless glue-like soup for corporate, scientific and institutional communication. I mention this because these text-weaving AI tools are now quite rapidly taking the center of generative gravity in regards to the production of such text.

An irony in this being that the automation tools we develop to mimic ourselves and to write as though we would are generally optimal for producing normatively informative yet uninteresting (as ineloquent, strictly functional) text. We have, in essence, constrained and confined the majority of interpersonal and inter- (or intra-) organisational speech and writing into a very uninteresting box and now we have inadvertently empowered it, through technology, to write itself.

Perhaps this might be a historical moment and collective sociotechnical inflection point at which creativity and an art of unbounded conceptual communication reacquires the value and utility it never really lost. We will not stop the rising tide of technological metamorphosis here but we might find something much more powerful and unexpected offered back up to ourselves: our own human conceptual creativity.

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