Should we Pause Artificial Intelligence?

Observe how we fear the generative mechanisms of our own self-reproduction. Language lives through us just as we do through it and were it not that the developers and the discoveries will unlikely be put back in their genie bottles any time soon, we might successfully regulate the rapidly percolating uncertainties that our own unbounded technological metamorphoses entail. These language models represent a deep, long gaze back into the artefacts, entities and variously inequitable cultural chemistries of this all too human past and I doubt we should be quite so surpised to discover that this abyss gazes back with such stochasic fury and consequence. I can’t help but wonder if the effective regulatory sigils and policies we seek might be less constrained by effervescing procedural complexity and technical uncertainty if we were to learn (or finally acknowledge) that the most powerfully enduring form of regulatory influence will always leave sufficient ontological freedom to account for the indefinitely-extensible evolution of these accelerating computational systems.

Image: stable diffusion.

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