You have Free Will

Yes.  We are fundamentally free and in at least two different ways.

At the social and cultural (or psychological) level – we do not determine the choices from which we choose but are free to choose from within the available spectrum of all possible available decisions. We are also free to recombine existing choices, ideas, concepts into new possibilities and this creative recombination is how the possibility space internally grows and expands, gathers complexity and notional mass-density. At a global (i.e. “holistic”) systems-theoretical level, this is essentially a self-gravitating and accelerating mass of reference and blossoming internal complexity – incomplete and under constant metamorphosis.

At a more fundamental (i.e. physical reality) level, what if *all* possibilities exist ? That is – there might exist some vast and incomprehensibly complex possibility space in which *all* possibilities, all timelines exist. Not so much a multiverse in which choices or possible branching points in physical reality indicate a splitting of the Universe into divergent, historically related-realities but rather one single vast (infinite ?) multidimensional manifold in which *all* possibilities *actually do exist* within the one Cosmological entity or process; itself stupendously complex but also organically continuous, constitutive of reality and the “physical” Universe. Does it matter that it might be a concept which turns out to be potentially unprovable as that possible constellation and state of possibility space/s in which it can never be proved is also one of the possible states of the branching Yggdrasil-like tree of all possible worlds ?


I find (as a general mental exercise) the explanatory concepts of consciousness deriving from manifold superimposed multidimensional matrices to be compelling.
There is something powerful in the consideration that the mental systems and conceptual vocabularies which support (or manifest as) consciousness might themselves be able in their potentially unbounded internal extensibility to transcend the relative limitations of the physical systems (exquisitely complex and sophisticated as they are) that also support them. Incompleteness, recursion, infinite internal extensibility – the logical impossibility is only a matter of perspective or contextual abstraction. Within a Euclidean spatial system, no two parallel lines will ever meet but in a curved non-Euclidean space such an axiom can be demonstrated false, inconsistent, or at least of limited applicability. The point is – assumptions about the essential characteristics or axioms of any system of explanation, of thought – these are specific (delimited) to that system of explanation and we should not be so very surprised when we discover that there are always potential further abstractions and vectors of growth or dimensional extensibility to any system of rules, axioms, thought or philosophy.

The Geometry Of Consciousness Is A Multi-Dimensional Math Trip