I always felt a need to fill the silence with words.

I always felt a need to fill the silence with words without ever once realising that they were as much the source of my sorrows as of my joys. I still cling to them at times and as though pale driftwood rafts in all this alienating darkness, they take me where they will; at times […]


Seismic Silence?

Recent studies reveal that the COVID-19 pandemic period has been the quietest period of human activity in the seismic record. It makes you wonder about the cumulative background noise that human activity generates as a constant vibrational hum of socioeconomic activity across the crust and into the subsurface body of the Earth. In what ways […]


What is the Presence of Absence?

What does it mean for a thing not to exist, for it to be quite literally “conspicuous by its absence”? When a thing that is there is removed, it is clearly an absence marked by memory or by material evidence, not that memory is perhaps all that trustworthy and notwithstanding that it is an irreducible […]