Browsing Saturday morning television news channels, I am drawn (more by distant curiosity that any intrinsic interest) to those after-match reviews of sport where an interviewer hands over a microphone to an athlete to hear the same essential banter and public confessional of we/they played well and aspirations to play better next time that every single interview appears to exhibit. It may be that in the recurrent comfort of predictable spectacles people find purpose and meaning laid out in simple and easily-reassembled mental building blocks and through which they might come to understand and participate in a shared purpose of sociological replication, reiteration, ritualised cultural and narrative mythologising or otherwise of sense-making. The prefabricated molds and mechanisms of meaning and significance or value-making encapsulated in the sanitised and cyclical familiarities of sport, politics or celebrity culture are methods and frameworks through which a person may interpret or translate sense into the logic of a collaborative, shared existence. It seems that we require the constant validation of the simplest narrative building blocks and a recurrent reinforcement of superficial trivialities from which to weave together the diverse tapestries and recombinatory vessels of our cultural and subjective experience.

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