Russian Revolution

It didn’t work out all that well the last time it happened and notwithstanding that nothing is quite so human as the cyclical cadence of recurring ideological catastrophes, but I honestly wonder how long a government can grind their people into the dust of poverty and oppression before they rise up and find their own […]


An AI Winter is Coming?

Context: AI Winter I do wonder if we should not (all) be quite so surprised to experience oscillating periods of growth and ossification in any technological endeavour. Notwithstanding expectations of endless growth that align to ascendant paradigms of socioeconomic reality, the tendency of complex systems to periodically decelerate is more than just a measure of […]


On Setting Suns

The mad parade of daily, weekly, yearly working life catches up with me in these moments…


Building Blocks

It seems that we require the constant validation of the simplest narrative building blocks and a recurrent reinforcement of superficial trivialities…