It is a strange game indeed, this one we play in which we extract and abstract meanings and purposes from our complicated clockwork societal mechanisms and the (perhaps unwittingly narcissistic) associated technical projections of measurement and quantity, of duration and qualitative essence; organisational systems and logical machines-of-induction overlaid upon (and interpreted from) the culturally recursive, reproductive cycles and generative systemic flows of our world, our economies and the technical extension of our senses as facilitated by our evolving technologies. Humanity and human life is not, could never be, the measure of all things beyond those metrics and structures we inscribe (like transient, flickering neon lights) upon the darkness of cosmic depth and from whose interior re-curvature and reflective surface and self-generating discursive necessity we are compelled to extract all axiom, law and meaning. I imagine that it is also (and ultimately all) that we can ever possess; we are bound to observe only the mirrored reflection of our own minds, beliefs and selfish purposes and for these facts, perhaps among many others, there can be no panacea for this lingering sense of futility I, but surely not alone, endlessly endure when confronted by the compound, insipid myopia and bellicose stupidity of our species.

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