Of Stardust and Story-telling

Some truths and realities may just be monumentally and inconceivably vaster than human minds can ever comprehend…

I can fundamentally and at some level know that the planetary, stellar and cosmological context of our planet and all of its spectacularly diverse life and sentience is more fundamental, more profound than any symbolic theorem, narrative or mythological overlay that human culture may cultivate or nurture. Simultaneously, I am bound by the realisation that my language, my variously adoptive and creatively recombinatory thought patterns and the whole gestalt of perception, subjectivity and history (or even deep biological time) within which I exist generates boundaries, linguistic (or conceptual) containers and filters which circumscribe the limits and horizon of my conscious experience and embodied reality. The collective mental capacity to manipulate ratio, number and magnitude, to wield abstract (and yet mischievously predictive) mathematical quantities and to unravel the dynamic activities of ecosystems, planetary artefacts, stars or galaxies, does little to ease my sense of discomfort that for all of our apparent, retrospectively justifiable and Anthropic-Principle-like inevitability within this world, the discontinuity between this human story-and-explanation-making facility and the ancient expanses and depths of the material context and stage upon which this drama decompresses itself is almost entirely irreducible, inexplicable.

Some truths and realities may just be monumentally and inconceivably vaster than human minds can ever comprehend. A small compensation may be that this leaves plenty of (literal) conceptual space for projected future cultural, scientific and technological discovery and growth.

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