On Technology, Culture and Sleepwalking into Non-existence

We are really not for the most part noticing the depth and extent of the ongoing procedural acquisition of all of our cognitive, interpersonal and administrative (or more broadly speaking – organisational) processes and behavioural patterns by technology, even while it is occurring incessantly all around us (and reflexively, fundamentally – through us). Technological indebtedness, responsibilities and (literal) interdictions of various kinds are saturating our workplaces, shared spaces and personal lives in many overt and subtle ways. A tidal surge of digital-technological assumption-to-primacy is occurring through processes and activities that are themselves masked by various pretensions and superficial ascriptions to diversity of self-expression and amplification of economic (or social and cultural) productivity; the range and expanding perimeter of both technologically-mediated self-identity and economic or cultural complexity are of such great utility and benefit that we are bound (and very likely – obligated) to double-down on our cognitive hyper-extension, over-dependence and a generalised technological gambit.

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