While the notional use of a(ny) technology might be for the benefit of its users, it seems in quite some number of ways that the balance has reoriented itself to the primary benefit of technology itself over and above the benefit of the users; while technology and automation successfully gather data about you, it is still fundamentally you that must learn how to navigate, negotiate and harness the tools and methods which are shifting sands under our feet even as we seek to find stability and leverage. While we harness automation, we are simultaneously being exploited by those self-propagating patterns and organisational, cognitive, cultural and economic systems; we (and all of our data and informational, productive utility) are now effectively the main course at a banquet we thought we were hosting. As technologies and hybrid technology-and-human systems continuously insert themselves into our workflows and thought patterns, we become progressively and perhaps irreversibly beholden to them more than they could ever remain subject to us. This has been happening largely by stealth.