For the last couple of weeks I have been quite literally turning over a concept in my head. It is difficult to articulate clearly. Exploded-view models of mechanical systems approximate to logical analysis in ways that similar disassembly of organically complex and integrated materially complex systems do not. While we can only approach description of organic or significantly complex material systems through the vessel of sequential, procedural or linear and complicated (essentially – mechanical and algorithmic) logic, there is something lacking or void, a blind-spot or essential ontological vacuum which restricts the application of this logic to truly complex and holistically-integrated systems.

From within (and as emergent products of) the organic and materially complex we construct complicated, linear structural systems of explanation and causal reasoning. At the point where the system of explanation becomes an object of its own introspection, we can catch a glimpse of enigma, discontinuity and an associated opportunity. The complicated logic of explanation is unable to bootstrap itself into its own description in ways which the material world (certainly has no need to but also) manages to on many scales and dimensional or organisational levels, simultaneously.

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