Global Systems

There are quite a number of critically important things in this world which remain spectacularly and enduringly conspicuous by their absence. Central among these we might place everyday idioms of wishful thinking such as peace, love, freedom and environmental sustainability. What unifies all of these things is that the ways that manifest in this world […]

Alien Anthropology

Into the Unknown: beyond Politics

All politics is an antithesis to human potential and – beyond a limited facility to produce useful organisational patterns towards sustainable organisational continuity – where it is applied to matters of spirituality or any other metaphysical entity or system of belief, it is merely a demonstration of our ability to (and fascination with) our aptitude […]


Logic: Blind-spots and Bootstraps

Exploded-view models of mechanical systems approximate to logical analysis in ways that similar disassembly of organically complex and integrated materially complex systems do not.