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Disassembling Control: Talent, Technology and Entropy

In any context where an employment and technology ecosystem is so rapidly evolving – recognising talents, skills and aptitude becomes about as difficult and as (ultimately and) unmanageably complex as acquiring or maintaining them. What interests me here is a second-order semantic analysis: there is such an efflorescence of salient wisdom and clever advice available, […]

Alien Anthropology

Broken Machines

The image in the mirror of the world is that limited comprehension and linear system by which we might successfully (or at least partially) render our own selves. Taking our own projected image and anachronistic mechanical logic of causal intent or purpose as being a self-evident and unquestionable intuition of the way the world functions, […]

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Ecological Logic

A holistic logic is discontinuous, non-linear, enigmatic and – in the face climate change – mandatory.


Logic: Blind-spots and Bootstraps

Exploded-view models of mechanical systems approximate to logical analysis in ways that similar disassembly of organically complex and integrated materially complex systems do not.