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Consciousness as Emergent Quantum Phenomena ?

Is consciousness an emergent phenomena from the mysteriously unintelligible sub-microscopic world of quantum mechanics ? Yes, and no.

The consciousness-as-emergent-phenomena-from-quantum-mechanics thread of thought is plausible where it does not degenerate into an indistinct mystical wish-fulfillment or other trope of magical mystery tour. Quantum phenomena allow for systemic interconnection, organisational or structured dimensional degrees-of-freedom and systems-unity in ways which support reconstructing or explaining the somewhat poorly-defined, nebulous or amorphous holism of lived experience and consciousness. The mischievously unpalatable mysteries of quantum phenomena which hint at deeper unity (i.e. remote energetic and information systems-entanglement in space, and apparently also in time) are the enigmatic and partially intelligible form with which material, Cosmological unity presents us.

Singular, narrative threads of experience and their associated intellectual tools of logic and mathematics are perhaps poorly equipped to reconstruct the unity of consciousness or Cosmos. Intellect and structured volitional complexity arise from the container and context of unity but might only ever approach it asymptotically through logic; there is always room to think and explore.

Unity of consciousness, of Cosmos or any other non-trivially sophisticated, logically integrated or complex system which appears in some manner to just “hang together” as a whole is foundationally and axiomatically a paradoxical unity.

One reply on “Consciousness as Emergent Quantum Phenomena ?”

In the same way that life emerges from the complexities of organic molecules, consciousness may emerge from certain quantum complexities that have yet to be determined or even hypothesized. I hesitate to write these lines, wishing to refrain from “an indistinct mystical wish-fulfillment or other tropes of magical mystery tour”, my goal being to suggest possibly productive directions for exploration.

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