Information Conflict may overwhelm us

When information and communications systems become massively autonomous, will we be able to react to the unfolding events in any competitive information and communications space?

Competitive engagements in any future integrated and distributed global information space may become so rapid as to become perceptually instantaneous and so complex as to become effectively human-unintelligible. It is questionable the extent to which traditional concepts of state will or even plausibly could remain relevant or unproblematically continuous when the pace of accelerating change leaps orders of magnitude beyond the narrative-bound consciousness and comparatively feeble information processing aptitude of the human beings who value and inhabit those national identities. Of course, and conversely, a dissonance and difference born of inter-state individuation and ideological competition is also a key driver in the accelerating field of technological change and so may always find a purpose across the broader spectrum of historical metamorphosis.

Is it possible to assert or forecast guidance, control or substantive influence over massively hyper-connected information (i.e. cultural, psychological, technological) systems when these have a tendency to develop their own, not necessarily supraliminal or readily accessible to human cognition, patterns and biases of recursive self-propagation and logical or material flow?

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