There is no perfect social system

Just as there may never be any isolated closure and teleological endpoint to logic, physics and mathematics – there can also never be any such thing as the “one true way” or ideological and social perfection. There are only successive approximations and iterative algorithmic refinements towards a better world, without end.

There can be no one best method or morphology of social and governmental organisation. Some forms are certainly better than others when measured on a metric of utilitarianism or social and international harmony. Progressive refinements and approximations towards more efficient, effective and equitable forms of social system is the only plausible or realisable goal. Limited psychological attachments to a reflexively self-defining narrative of complete and final organisational closure and systemic completion is the primary source of failure, conflict and long-term economic and political (or ideological) turbulence.

Is this self-evident? You would not think so from the proliferating crayon scribbles and simplistic slogans of nationalist and ideological fervour being flung like wet mud across the contemporary international political and geo-strategic stage.

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