politics systems

Populist Simplicity

The road to hell is paved with populist simplicities.

Context: Brazil’s Bolsonaro signs decree loosening gun ownership rules

In our contemporary (shared) information and communications spaces, short messages and simplistic solutions generally replicate at a rate inversely proportional to their suitability or effectiveness to remediate the problems to which they are addressed. When those aspirational solutions actually reproduce and amplify the problems they were initially intended to solve, the path of least resistance is usually that of the doubling-down on the original simplistic message and policy. This represents a downwards spiral of unsustainable governance: the extraction of utility (as political self-propagation) through the unwitting (or Machiavellian) generation of socioeconomic turbulence is destined to result in increasing entropy, chaos and structural disassembly.

Do I really need to provide a context? There are many historical and contemporary scenarios to which this observation applies; being spoon-fed links is itself a cognitive dependency that exists on an information spectrum terminating in diminished aptitude and the growing potential and probability of successful populist engineering.

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