Information density is an interesting concept. Consider, perhaps, (and, for instance, as one hypothetical example among so very many) that matter is an algorithmic information-theoretical compression of energy, decompressed (as per Kolmogorov complexity) via the optimally concise “program” of the equation E=mc^2. Time is woven into this in interesting ways, as are observers or observation-like events – re: the determination of information from probabilities, collapsing wave functions and so on. This is a huge topic.

Beyond the fascinating philosophical and intricately entangled semantic and mathematical mysteries or conceptual correlations of information_entropy and thermodynamic_entropy, is that – if gravitational warping is a (literal) matter of information density, what happens when we analyse human cultural, cognitive and information technologies from the same perspective ? John Wheeler’s “matter tells spacetime how to curve and spacetime tells matter how to move” applies as an intuition in this context to gestalt self-gravitating information- and energy-processing systems.

I’ve been abseiling down this particular rabbit hole for a long time.

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