Context: DARPA is trying to build an unhackable open-source voting system

From a pure (value-agnostic) information systems perspective, security vulnerabilities are performing a functional role of natural selection through adjusting the evolutionary paths and adaptive development of progressive refinements towards (more) secure systems. Where the interdependence of measure and counter-measure find themselves in an ever-narrowing spiral of accelerating frequency and complexity, perhaps there is something about the transparency of this kind of open-source software which encodes resilience and flexibility into the conceptual kernel of this system.

“Unhackable” is a lofty aspiration; systemic closure is an implicit logical problem. Even an almost-perfectly secure voting system design does not address the stochastic external variable and (here) unacknowledged elephant-in-the-room of easily-manipulated human minds and their vulnerability to socially-engineered tribal biases.

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