It’s Binary

It’s binary. Everything is information.

It’s binary. Living things are a manifestation of the emergent complexity of autonomously self-organising patterns of information and energy. Matter and energy are biased towards the most efficient paths and lowest-energy solutions. Life is a consequence of this. Living, evolving material systems are expressions of a self-propagating logic which seeks optimal paths to self-replication. In this view, life may be an inevitability in the Universe.

The logical metamorphosis of evolution is itself the progressive and procedural sedimentation of refinement in the configuration of material entities and distributed systems in a feedback loop of mutual causation. Even thought, communication, language, art and material culture are expressions of this same logical evolution. It is the developmental metamorphosis of the evolving logic of the methods by which logic itself self-propagates. It is information, recursively exponentiated through it’s own logical necessity and the difference and diversity we perceive in (and as) the world is the consequence of a compression wave of logical self-inflection which began 13.8 billion years ago.

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