I’m looking through you…

I’m looking through you. Where did you go?

“I’m looking through you, where did you go?” Imagine what your life looks like as a thread in time, like a piece of music in some sense instantaneously extended across the spatiotemporally extended fact that is you and your living experience. Now run this process or sequence of self rapidly in your mind’s eye. A spectacular effervescence of change and growth, novelty and decay – like a movie accelerated into an abstraction and fireworks display of moments and memories, people and places, thoughts and sensations, feelings and desires.

Observing the organic flow of accelerated time in this imaginary process can allow us to perceive the ways in which even the wilful psychological abstraction of our aspirationally individuated and subjective, separate experience (as cognitively-curated pattern) itself replicates the creative form and flow of logic and self-organising information or communication that fundamentally is life and living sentience. We don’t often notice from inside all those systems of life and logical abstraction that we inhabit and inflate with our interpretations and meanings but this recursive flow of self-inflection and its virtual energy of abstraction and communication is in fact everywhere and it is everything. It is a complex and labyrinthine sentience and logical negation or necessary emptiness that is observing its own mischievous non-existence. It is a question with no answer.

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