Genocide: Facebook’s Inability to Manage it’s own Effect

Facebook has a genocide problem.

Information systems in biology and culture seek autonomous self-replication as a matter of emergent complexity and the iterating reproduction of a shared cognitive grammar in (and as) technology, language and culture. It is not a long bow to draw to assert that Facebook and friends possess an inadequate sophistication of understanding regarding the ways in which energy and information-processing systems autonomously self-replicate and reproduce themselves.

Viral memetic (and information-cultural) events are an example of runaway self-replication that in atavistic recall mimics cancer – a runaway self-replication of adverse entities. A conjecture: large corporations such as Facebook that “facilitate” social and cultural communication are themselves biased towards their own commercial self-reproduction at an axiomatic or foundational level and are consequently unable to act in a broader social interest. Indeed, the production of antagonism and difference generates attention, dissonance and “useful” entropy from which the subsequent interest generated provides commercial benefit.

How to rewrite a core business model when to do so invalidates the central reason for the success of that company in the first place?

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